Moving Folders


General Information Scanning Scan result Deleting Moving
The moving of a folder have two different possibilities, if its a fullscan the selected folder and all its content (subfolders & files) will be moved.

But, if its a specified scan (one or more criterias checked) you may get a notification like this:

Messagebox with notification

What this means is that this folder may contain more files (and possibly subfolders) then the last scan found.
If you choose to continue (by pressing 'Yes'), it will create a folder with the same name at the chosen location,
and then move the folders displayed subfolders and files. (the subfolders and the corresponding files displayed in the datagridview).


If you decide to move a folder of a certain size, and you decide it takes to long, or for some other reason cancel the move,
it's recommended that you re-scan the selected path to avoid in-accurate file listings.
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