Settings for scan


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Startscreen with settings for the scan
  1. Path to be scanned
  2. Include/exclude subfolders from scan
    (default is checked)
  3. Check to include specific filetype(s) in scan
  4. Check to include files over a specific size

    The size value goes from 0 - 999, and the parameter from bytes to terrabytes.

  5. Check to include files older/newer then and select the date

    The 'max date' is todays date

  6. Check to specify what date to scan for
    (default is 'date created')

    Scan for files that are 'older/newer then' 'date created', 'date modified' or 'last accessed'

  7. Listbox displaying information and error messages
  8. Progress during scan is displayed here
  9. 'Start scan': Starts the scan (a path must be selected)
  10. 'Cancel scan': Cancels the scan.
    (No results will be shown, and previous results will be removed).
  11. 'Reset': Removes the path, checked criterias and values (size, date, etc).
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